Frunk Bar Disposable Kits Review

By Peach Atkinson 28th July 2022 6 Mins



  • Disposabledesign – Non-refillable
  • Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled e-liquid
  • Draw activated
  • Salt Nicotine Strength: 10mg & 20mg
  • Approx Puffs: 600 Puffs

Disposable vape devices offer a ‘no fuss’ alternative that can be appreciated by those new to vaping as well as vape veterans looking for something simple.

These Frunk Bar devices need no maintenance, refilling, charging or setting adjustments, they are prefect for those new to vaping.

They arrive in boxes describing the strength, puff amount and flavour. Within the box, they are fully enclosed in a pre-sealed wrapper and have seals on each end of the device – ensuring freshness and no risk of leakages. 

These are extremely pocket friendly. The mouthpiece is flattened, creating the perfect mouth-to-lunginhale and being draw activated, there are no buttons to press.

These are the flavours we reviewed:

Twisted Apple, 20mg

If you enjoy strong and tart flavours, this is definitelyfor you. The unmistakable taste of a sharp, green apple is the most prominent.

This e-liquid has the peculiar ability to give off a sour edge to an otherwise juicy apple flavour.

A bracing blast of icy menthol carries on into the exhale giving you a chance to enjoy a refreshing taste and a cooling sensation in your throat.

I found there to be minimal added sweetness – something I felt made this flavour an easy choice for all day vaping.

Grapefruit with Passion, 20mg

Sharp and bitter grapefruit emanates a rich, citrusy and complex initial taste that is then balanced incredibly well with passion fruit. The passion fruit not only contrasts the grapefruit with its sweet and understated nature, but gives its own contribution to the overall flavour.

The passion fruit flavour was sweet, ripe and gave a subtle softness to the more robust citrus notes.

I can only commend the creator of this flavour for the stunning use of complementary tastes.

Frozen Grape, 20mg

Ice and grape are a match made in heaven. I had an immediate hit of nostalgia when it came to the grape, it was bold and candy-like, without being overly sweet.

An ear-tingling iciness then joined the party giving the grape a chance to shine in all of its juicy glory.

If you are into cold e-liquids, this flavour will certainly impress. Both the grape and menthol elements are intense and give a revitalising, rewarding and powerful hit.

Cool Pineapple, 20mg

Like a glass of fresh pineapple juice, this flavour is refreshing, fruity and cold.

The layered elements of pineapple offer complexity in the form of sweetness and an intriguing note that is beyond tangy.

The pineapple is definitely the most prominent flavour and is blended well with a slightly more subtle, but still noticeable icy menthol.

I loved the powerful and sweet pineapple tones especially as the two main componentsunited in a perfectly-calculated manner. Thisflavour will appeal to fans of full on fruity tastes.

Banana Freeze, 20mg

An essence of foam banana candy can be noticed when opening the plastic packaging. The sweet and almost creamy banana taste comes across as the obvious main flavour.

Now the interesting part, the icy element! It perfectly complements the banana and gives a unique flavour experience.

There was no taste of menthol, just a subtle icy exhale, making this one of my favourite, and yet unexpected, flavour profiles. When it comes to a banana and ice combination, this flavor shows it’s done properly.

Orange Breezer, 20mg

This flavour has a light and refreshing feel. There are sparkling notes of bold, bright and zingy orange soda that give an immediate excitement to your taste buds. Citrusy orange is met with an arctic blast of powerful ice that almost takes over the fruitier notes.

Despite drowning out some of the orange flavours, I really felt that the icy overtones gave this flavour its rightful place as a reinvigorating taste.

This isabsolutely perfect for your first vape in the morning.

Club Cola

I love cola vapes, so knew I was in for a treat as soon as I ripped open the foil packet and got a whiff of the sweet, classic cola flavour.

I wasn’t at all disappointed with the perfect representation of those retro, old school sweets that so many of us love.

It didn’t take me long to get through the 600 puffs and as soon as I finished, I wished I had about another 100 of these to review…Club Cola is the flavour to beat!

Watermelon Splash

Offering a mild and exotic flavour, Watermelon Splash was jam-packed with notes of refreshing melon.

Areally smoothand extremely moreish vape, I could happily puff onthis flavour all day long.

I was a particular fan of the slight cold hint that helped round out the taste and take this disposable to the next level.

Iced Mango

With an initial sweet exotic mango, topped off with an icy cold hit, this perfect pairing is another refreshing blend from Frunk.

Iced mango is another bar that I could easily see myself returning to, due in large part to the awesome fruity palate and my love of cold vapes.

I find some mango vapes often have a weird or artificial after-taste, but Frunk have absolutely nailed the flavour here. Bravo!

Peach On Ice

More icy fruit on offer here, Peach on Ice is a much sweeter and more familiar flavour than the mango in the last bar.

It was authentic and wickedly sweet, steering clear of the chemically, artificial notes that so often plague peach flavoured juices…another win in my book.

Berry Mixer

Berry Mixer seemingly raids a ‘pick your own berry’ farm, squashes all the flavours down and blends them in to this awesome disposable bar.

Each of the tasty 600 puffs gave me a heady mix of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, creating a great blend of sweet and sour that kept me coming back for more.

This was an absolute triumph of a fruit blend that needs to be vaped to be believed.

Strawberry Nana

I think sometimes if you mix two sweet fruits together there’s always a danger of the vape being a bit too sickly, but that’s not the case here at all.

The strawberry and banana flavours are expertly balanced and they complement each other amazingly.

I really have to applaud Frunk for their flavour blends as all of them have been perfectly melded to create some really moreish and tasty flavour.



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