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Juice N Power Disposable Bars


  • Disposable design – Non-refillable
  • Pod capacity: 2ml Pre-filled e-liquid
  • Draw activated
  • Salt Nicotine strength: 20mg
  • Approxpuffs: 600

Disposable vape devices are easy to use, readily available, deliver a decent hit of nicotine and are good choices in situations where you may not want to bring your usual daily setup – such as nights out or festivals.

These Juice N Power draw-activated devices are non-refillable and non-rechargeable, typical for most disposables currently on the market.

They come prefilled with 2ml of 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid and are rated at roughly 600 puffs – enough to last a few days of light to moderate use.

They are draw activated, very pocket friendly and each flavour is clearly defined bythe colour of the individual bars themselves.

When vaping, these kits deliver an instantaneous, solid hit of nicotine, smooth and rich flavour as well as a tight MTL inhale, similar to that of smoking a cigarette.

These are the flavours I reviewed:

Blue Raspberry Lemonade

The tone of lemonade was mostly sweet, with an understated touch of sour bitterness. However, by no means is that a negative, because it worked well alongside the blue raspberry.

The candy-like aura of the blue raspberry offered a subtle sense of sourness in its own right, giving a unique overall flavour to this e-liquid. At first, I thought that the collection of sweet flavours might have been a little too sweet, but it actually worked out well and didn’t get sickly in any way.


A taste that is very reminiscent of a glacé cherry sat atop of a cocktail, this flavour combines the sweetness of a cherry with a subtle and revitalising hint of iciness.

The resemblance to an actual cherry was uncanny. It was sweet, but not overly so, and the slight touch of ice gave the overall flavour a well-rounded and unique taste.

Despite the discreet ice notes, there was no menthol added, steering this flavour away from sweets like cherry tunes and more towards a simple, but delightful, icy cherry.

Green Mango Ice

The very first puff on this bar literally blew me away, it was incredible! It invoked strong feelings of a natural, ripe mango from a faraway tropical island.

There are several slightly different mango notes in there, including a sharp and almost sour taste, followed by a smooth, pulpy and delicious mango.

I could really notice the harmonious nature between the sweet and sour notes as each complemented one another. As indicated by the name, this flavour profile included an element of ice, and had a cold blast on the exhale. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this flavour.

Blueberry Pomegranate

This e-liquid involved several unusual combinations that worked surprisingly well together.

Blueberry was the first most noticeable flavour and was followed by a delicate and juicy pomegranate that offered a more laid back, crisp element into the dynamic.

For me, both flavours worked well together and didn’t clash at all. I was impressed by the slightly more uncommon flavour constituents and the fact that it was super easy to vape.

Berry Lemonade Ice

A vibrant blend of forest berries is most obvious to begin with and they came across as sweet and full bodied, contrasting the sour notes of lemonade.

The lemonade delivered elements that were the complete opposite of the more mellow berries. It was an interesting mixture of sweet and tart, and closely resembled cloudy lemonade enjoyed on a hot day.

I felt that the berries and lemonade notes operated separately but worked well alongside one another. There was also an unmistakable blast of ice on the inhale, adding to the refreshing nature of this e-liquid.

Blackcurrant Ice

Sharp blackcurrant and an even sharper menthol combine to create an unmissable, refreshing vaping experience.

The blackcurrant is both powerful and juicy, and gives off a well-executed, ripe set of flavours.

The icy menthol element comes across as very noticeable and rounds off the dominant blackcurrant notes.

The menthol tones give off an ear-tingling sensation when vaping, only adding to the revitalising feel of this flavour on the whole.

The combination of the two main flavours makes this e-liquid tastelike a blackcurrant cough sweet and therefore gives a full-on and flavourful vape.

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