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Again DTL and Again H Disposables

Again DTL Disposables:


Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm

Nicotine Strength: 20mg

Features: DTL design

‘Again’ disposable devices are designed to offer a far looser, airier inhale than most comparable products on the market.

These DTL kits are cylindrical in shape – quite the standard amongst disposables available today, but what is not standard is the airflow on the bottom of this device. 

The large airflow holes offer a longer inhale and smooth flavour and I was very impressed that they are a little different to other disposables.

Happy Planet

Happy Planet is a cheerful blend of mixed berries and what seems to be an assortment of tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple.

The berries include a classic strawberry, sharp blackberry and sweet raspberry – all combining to create a deep and well-rounded overall flavour.

Paired with a laid-back blend of fruity flavours, the loose airflow only improves the smooth quality to this e-liquid, giving you a flavourful and airy inhale.

Green Mango

A classic take on a popular favourite, Green Mango is a juicy and slightly sour flavour that just gets better each time you vape it.

With powerful notes of mouth-watering and tropical mango, this flavour exudes a plethora of exotic tastes that will instantly transport you to a faraway tropical paradise.

The e-liquid has a subtle iciness to it and if you are a fan of either fruity or cool vapes, you will really enjoy this complex collection of succulent flavours.

Grape Bomb

Grape Bomb

This flavour is sour and fizzy and both are conveyed extremely well alongside the loose inhale found on these devices.

To me, I felt that the effervescent notes were well designed and really gave the impression of a fizzy grape soda.

A subtle sourness was met with a sugary, candy-like grape giving this e-liquid a rather complex edge…very enjoyable indeed!

Again H Disposables:


Capacity: 2ml

Battery: 400mAh

Resistance: 1.4ohm

Nicotine: 20mg

In stark comparison to the Again DTL disposables, these devices are true MTL devices.

The inhale is short, sharp and closely resembles the type of inhaling used when smoking a cigarette.

For this reason, this device would be a great option for people wishing to quit smoking or for new vapers.

Lime Soda

Lime flavours can be a massive hit or miss. Some can be very artificial and remind me of chemicals or cleaning products.

Others, however, manage to be executed properly. This flavour has done just that, it has the unmistakable sourness and refreshing taste of citrus.

There was a wonderful divergence between the sweet and sour notes of lime, followed closely by a blast of intense iciness that simply added to the idea of this being a cold lime soda.


Cantaloupe is a sweet and ripe tasting flavour and this one from Again is no exception.

It features all the hallmarks of a delicious melon flavour; it is well rounded and emanates a wonderful sweetness to it.

Having said that, the mellow tones were not at any point toosweet, instead offering an unmistakable and realistic set of flavours with just a tiny bit of ice.

For me, the best point about this flavour was its lifelike nature and how easy it was to vape all day long.


This flavour offers a delicious and refreshing taste that any vaper can enjoy, with the strong citrus notes giving off a mouth-watering sourness.

The typical bitter taste then follows, adding an extra dimension to an already complex flavour.

The revitalising feel of this flavour is accentuated by a rush of cold that becomes most apparent when inhaling…for me, this flavour was the most invigorating one of the bunch.

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