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UWELL Gabriel Equal Disposable Kits Review


Dimensions: 103*20.2*10.6mm

E-liquid Capacity: 1.5ml

Battery: 280mAh

Puff Count: 450+

Words: Peach Atkinson

Designed by the well-renowned vape company UWELL, the Gabriel line of disposables is taking the world by storm, adding to their already expansive set of products.

The Gabriel Equal is what I will be taking a look at today. It is an understated, but attractive, bar shape and comes in a really cool transparent container – something completely unrelated to the function of this device, but was a nice touch.

In fact, the whole look of these devices scream style and simplicity. 

To me, the inhale on these kits were somewhere in-between MTL and RDL – my ideal preference.

These are the flavours that came with the kit.:

Coconut Coffee

Normally a user of fruity e-liquids, it’s been a while since I vaped a coffee-based flavour, so when I tried this one I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The main flavour is (quite clearly) a rich, deep coffee with nutty tones added in for good measure.

To me, the coffee was rather smooth and creamy and did not come across as a sharp, black coffee.

Extremely subtle notions of coconut softly complemented the more noticeable coffee edges and brought about an even and smooth vaping experience.

As my first coffee flavour in a while, I was very impressed by the velvety tones of this e-liquid and the fact that it wasn’t too sweet made it a perfect choice as a flavour you can vape all day.

Peach Soda

As a beverage I have yet to try, this flavour was incredibly interesting to experience for the first time.

As opposed to peach-based dessert flavours, this e-liquid did not carry any creamy notes, instead it utilised a set of fresh and slightly floral stone fruit flavours.

A relatively complex blend of tastes come together in a way that gave a well-rounded, satisfying vape.

The peach was both sweet and a little sour and this was amplified by a fizzy undertone that gave this flavour a bit of a kick.

There was just enough coolness added to imply a sense of this being based on an icy soda.

The combination of flavours and individual taste elements made for a unique and enjoyable experience.

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