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Beco Mate Disposables Review


Battery: 500mAh (Pre-charged)

Puff Amount: 550 Puffs (Approximate)

E-liquid Capacity: 2ml

Nicotine Strength: 20mg Nicotine Salts

An improvement on an already impressive device, the Beco Mate offers innovation, quality and reliability.

Enclosed in a compact, colourful and streamlined exterior, the disposable delivers nicotine in an uncomplicated and easy-to-use manner.

The Beco Mate offers an instantaneous hit of nicotine, minimal clouds and is one of the most straightforward devices to operate, making it an ideal choice for nights out, camping or travelling.

Utilising a true MTL inhale, the draw is very tight and works great alongside the high strength nicotine.

Lush Ice

Lush Ice is a tried and tested flavour for me and I was interested to see how the new take held up against the original Beco Bar version.

After just a few puffs, it was clear that the Beco Mate offered a much more developed and powerful flavour, beating out the slightly more muted notes of the Beco Bar.

The newer version had a sweet and candied watermelon palate, heightened by an intense icy exhale that made for a very refreshing vibe.

Strawberry Burst

When it comes to certain flavours, simple can often be better.

Without overcomplicating the overall taste, Beco has absolutely nailed the execution on a straightforward strawberry flavour.

The strawberry used in this device presents as both sweet and juicy, with a tiny bit of sourness dropped right at the end. 

It was bold and had very little cooling to it, presenting a more candy-like flavour as opposed to a realistic strawberry taste…enjoyable yet simple.

Green Grape

This flavour is not something I’ve come across in my time as a vaper, so I was quite taken aback.

Most grape e-liquids I’ve tried fall somewhere in the purple grape soda/candy genres, so when I saw this one, I was immediately intrigued.

The grape notes were extremely crisp and, when paired with the decent amount of cooling, gave a revitalising, sweet yet somewhat mellow but clear tasting green grape.

Mango Ice

Definitely one of the UK’s more popular flavour profiles, Mango Ice encompasses the classic flavour coveted by so many.

Rich and succulent mango takes centre stage and quite rightly so – it has all the features of a well-executed mango flavour.

Deep, sweet and juicy mango is contrasted with a more subdued but still detectable sourness, both of which bounce off of one another giving similar but not identical tastes.

The almost warm notes of mango are livened up by a strong blast of cool both on the inhale and the exhale, giving the overall flavour a frosty but enjoyable taste.

Blueberries Raspberries

An instant favourite of mine, this flavour incorporates the sour, tongue-tingling vibe of sharp and sweet mixed berries.

When vaping this Beco Mate, you can easily feel the sour notes on the tip of your tongue as you inhale.

Both the blueberries and the raspberries were powerful in taste and were rounded off subtly with just a touch of cooling agent – the perfect amount for this flavour.

In fact, it was barely noticeable until the exhale, but this gave the berries a chance to really shine on their own.


This menthol could easily be a go to for many vapers, combining menthol and a strong cooling agent to create a sharp, refreshing flavour.

The menthol cuts across your palate like a blast of ice, emphasised by the powerful cooling agent.

All of these cold elements combine to create the ultimate icy flavour that will, without a doubt, clear your sinuses and revitalise your day.


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